Regulations and Conditions
of agreement of our Villa

The confirmation of the reservation will be sent within 2 days after application. This confirmation of the reservation is the proof of the booking. Confirmation through e-mail is also valid.Payment
The reservation will be valid by law after receipt of a 20% downpaiment of the total cost directly  when you recive the confirmation of the booking. The remainder is due 6 weeks before arrival. Per property a security and damage deposit is due of € 100,00. This deposit will be promptly repaid, under settlement of any found damage and/or extraordinary cleaning cost, immediately after checking out and check of furnishing. All at the opinion of our housekeeper.Terms Ned (Dutch).Recht is applicable.

Reservations canceled less than 4 months (120 days ) prior to arrival or later result in a complete forfeit of all rental money. It is possible to insure this risk through a cancelation-insurance.If a reservation is canceled, cancellation indebted .This amounts: if three or more months beforethe rental period, a cancellation occurs, the tenant, along with the reservation fee of 35 euros, 50% of the rent. In case of sale of the villa by the landlord, the lease agreements lapse.

Check-out day
The regular check-out / Check-in day is Saturday. The tenant can, on appointment, check in between 18.00 hours and 20.00 hours. The last time of arrival is 21.00 hours. Checking out has to be at 10.00 hours at the latest and the keys have to be left with the housekeeper.

Final cleaning
Each tenant hat to leave the villa “broom-clean” (e.g. no dirty dishes), the linen has to be taken from the beds and foulded, the refrigirator has to be cleaned and garbage in the garbage-container.

Visitors can, if wanted, stay the night in het rented house. The cost for this stay are € 5,00 per person per night (no-bedlinnen included). When the stay is longer than 2 nights, the normal rent of the property (per person, per day) is due. It is not allowed to have more people in the property overnight than mentioned in the price-list, and for which the tenant has booked.

Bedlinnen inclusive
Bedlinnen is includes in the rental-price, so are towels. You don’t need to bring them with you. When you stay is longer than 7 days, you can switch them for fresh ones, in cooperation with our organisation at the location.

General terms
It is possible to book for the next season in advance. As a downpayment the tenant needs to pay € 25,00 in advance, which will be settled with the final amount that has to be paid in the next year. If the booking is canceled, the downpayment wil be recharged.

Despite all our care and effort, you may find that you have a justified complaint regarding your accomodation. This complaint has to be made in the first place with the housekeeper. Should your complaint not be met properly and to your satisfaction, you have one month after you left, to make a written complaint at Bouten vakantie huizen, Veldstraat 48, 5988 AK HELDEN, the Netherlands.

Our organisation is not liable for: 1) damage or injury due to the stay on the property or due to the use of the facilities on the ground. 2) Damageclaims due to any noise nuisance caused by others. 3) Information given by mouth or telephone. 4) Being out of order or being defect of the facility and/or facilities.

Lability is excluded or limited if, on the basis of agreements or international legal norms in force, which must be applied to the services of the proprietor of a service, the liability of this proprietor is likewise excluded or limited. The tenant of main occupant is responsible to meet all the obligations which come forth from the reservation and stay in the accomodation, concerning himself, all announced persons and visitors.
In this brochure the utmost effort done to the correctness of the information. The publisher can never be held liable for its content. All previous terms are replaced by these terms.

The Dutch Law and Dutch Right Apply.

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